Friday, June 26, 2015


Hands down! After 15 years, I recently went back to Jose Maria and their roast suckling pig called cuchinillo in Spanish has stayed as good as I remember!

It's moist inside and the skin is perfectly crisp at any part you get.
Their plate emblem above
I will miss this until the next time if ever.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


TThis is my 2nd time to come to this restaurant.  I love the food here because it is not predictable.  They always do a twist on what the we really know of it.

For instance, tonight, I had the Duck L'Orange.  The duck breasts are done to a perfection presented like 2 thick slices of pork belly without being fatty.  The sauce has a morrocan flavor in the orange sauce. It is just perfect!  I would highly recommend this dish!

Another highlight is their special flavored "nan" type bread or is it again similar to a Morrocan flat bread served with a spread.  This is complimentary and so delicious.
Next favorite of ours was the foie gras.  It's fresh foie gras wrapped in a delicate crepe-like super thin dough with minced chives on top and served on a bed of fruit purée.
Another highlight of the dinner was the dish with slices of mushroom made to look like millefeuille.  Absolutely to die for served with a purée of scallion and chives with some snap pease and slices of pepper for a hint of spice. Just loved it!  I could consider this a fabulous vegetarian dish.
The haricot verte was served in a sizzling plate prepared so deliciously, I loved it as well.

Above, the sea bass with coconut milk sauce was not extra-ordinary.  Although well prepared, we did not find it strikingly original.  It reminded me of an Americanized Thai dish. 
The beignet had an outstanding caramel sauce but a funny tasting doughnut or beignet because I did not know what chicory tasted like and I believe they added chicory in the batter. It tasted like Chinese potpourri that you put in a camphor chest to keep clothes from being eaten up by insects. Hence, we changed our order to the Paris Brest (a firmer version of the puff pastry dough), with peanuts and other filling and a spooned ice cream on top.  It was okay, but we were hoping we could have the Baked Alaska which they did not have tonight.
This dessert seems more American to me than Dirty French.  But maybe that is why it is called Dirty French.

The Manager was so accommodating and very nice to us.  He carefully paid attention to us.  He even stopped the fan from blowing directly onto us which was making us quite cold.  I wish all Restaurant Managers were like him.

We love this restaurant and definitely will be back!

He mentioned their new restaurant near the High Line.  Did you know that they just opened a new restaurant by the High Line called Santina?

I'm definitely trying that one too!

At Ludlow Hotel
180 Ludlow St.,
New York, NY 10002