Tuesday, February 1, 2022


In Kyoto they usually have meat rolled up filled with vegetables to look like flowers.  I watched it on #NHK-TV recently and thought I should make it myself.

Flank steak thinly sliced by running a long sharp knife flat on top of the meat while pressing the meat down and carefully moving the knife flat ln its surf on the meat from one end to the other.  This creating about 3-4 thin slices. (About 1-1/2 pounds)

Set aside.
Half a red bell pepper seeded and sliced
9-10 pieces of very thin asparagus or 3-4 regular size asparagus, trimmed (bend bottoms till it snaps off and discard the bottoms)
3 leaves of cabbage boiled 2-3 minutes to soften
4 pieces of canned while baby corn 
For sauce:
2TB soy sauce
2TB mirin or sake
2TB sugar

About 5TB of potato starch in a bowl for rolling the beef.
First boil a pot of water to blanche the asparagus for a minute or 2. Remove and cut in half.

Using the same water add the cabbage in the boiling pot and let it simmer for
3-4 minutes turning the cabbage to soften the stalks a little.  Wipe the cabbage and then slice the thinly and set aside.

Season the beef to taste.  From one end of the thin slice of beef where it may be wider, layer the some cabbage, peppers, asparagus and the corn. 

Tightly roll 
Then roll in the bowl
Of potato starch so the beef stays rollednuo.

Heat skillet with oil.  When hit, add the coated rolled beef and brown on each side about 2
Minutes on each side.  When all sides are browned, pour the sauce you made over the beef.  And roll the meat in it carefully.  Cover the pan for about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and let sit for a minute or 2.

Transfer in a cutting board , letting it rest for a few more minutes then slice carefully.  Size should be enough to fit your mouth if possible.

You may use some of the sauce over to serve or kn the molded rice.  Garnish the plate with any vegetables of your choice.  Mine was asparagus because that is what I had more of after stuffing some in the meat.