Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In the past 5 years, all kinds of cupcake stores have popped up.  I think I've tried them all.  I especially like the kind that'sstuffed inside.  The combination of flavors have been ingenious!  Finally, a different concept in cupcakes - mini; stuffed and colorfully decorated!  I'm talking about Baked By Melissa Cupcakes.

She has found the greatest secret of all, mini.  I'm talking mini as the size of an hors d'oeuvres tartlette-size moist and delicious with stuffing.  She sells them for $1 each or $11 for 12 etc...

The particular branch I went to was at 7 E 14th Street:
The board from where to order your cupcakes at the store
Shelves of cupcakes are displayed for you to choose from several flavors.

The Menu to choose from is artfully yet simply displayed.
The names are catchy too.

I ordered these cupcakes to go and their box had holes to take them safely home.  That's paying attention to details!

Demonstrating how tiny the cupcake is.
When cut-up, you can see the filling inside.  I can't imagine filling up such tiny delicate cupcakes!

I took it home to serve it nicely on a dessert plate.
The idea of mini cupcakes is the fact that you can taste a variety of flavors without gaining too much weight!
And best of all, they not only taste delicious, they look very attractive!

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