Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#MATSUNOSUKE (New Japanese treat spot)

This is a new Japanese cafe and pastry shop originally from Tokyo and Kyoto - now also in New York!

Only 5 weeks old in this Greenwich Village spot by the 8th Street crosstown bus stop, is this delicious heavenly find for one with sweet tooth.  Their specialties are worth trying!

They specialize in the light as a cloud pancake which I still have to try but can imagine.

I just had lunch so I opted for their blackout cake. Chocoholics out there would certainly appreciate this super moist, dark chocolate cake topped with lighter pieces of crumbled chocolate brownies or cake?! Decadent and yet less rich than it's usual Western counterpart.

 The place is a small neat spot in this wonderful uplifted block.
The pancakes are usually not flavored but if plain, comes with their version of homemade maple cream. Below are other pancake options.
There are several treats you can order in this sweet spot:
The menu is in the board:

Welcome to Japan!

JAPANESE Chiffon Pancakes
58 West 8th St
New York, NY 10011
Closed Mondays

Friday, February 7, 2014


Mysttik Masaala
304 E 44 St
Midtown East

This place is overrated.  I would rather have Indian buffets where I can sit.
My samosa were too salty - which was the first I tried.  Next, I had the vegetable & Chicken pastes - equally salty.

The chicken curry was uneventful. More like a plain stewed chicken.

The garbanzo street food was not salty but was not something for me to go back  for.

 I was hungry when I started and full now.  But not elated with my food experience.

I have tried street other street food trucks that I rave about.  This doesn't excite me.

Perhaps if the samosa and pastes (this is what was the spelling on the truck) were seasoned well and not too salty, I may have had a better experience.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

#Gotham Market

Gotham Market is la food hall in Midtown West called Linton area in Manhattan.
The restaurant I chose specialized in Spanish tapas where below was my salad with crisp artichokes called Alcachofas;
Below is is called Arroz Negro - Black Rice with sepia and uni garnished with avocado.
There are many other types of food in this food court.  You can have vegetarian at Little Chef, sandwiches, ramen noodles and meat dishes.  I will try the meat dish next time.

By the way, I bought the peanuts from North Carolina because I saw a couple eating them.  Apparently it's the same peanuts sold at the store in the center of the food court with the label replaced.  I've had better, and the price is steep.   Maybe I am not fond of water blanched peanuts version.  The nuts come out very dry and does not adhere to the nuts.  Maybe I just like them a little saltier to bring out the flavor instead if the salt attaching themselves to the glass jar.

600 11th Avenue
600 11th Ave
(between 44th St & 45th St)
New YorkNY 10036
Neighborhoods: Hell's Kitchen, Midtown West