Thursday, May 30, 2013


This is one pork chop dish that I've concocted.  It's been one of my favorite old time dish I prepare and serve at home.

6 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick center cut pork chops
1/2 cup vinegar (preferably sugar cane or coconut vinegar)* found in Asian Food grocery stores
6 cloves of garlic peeled and minced
1/4-1/3 c soy sauce
1 piece of dried bay or laurel leaf
1/3 c of flour
1/2 c of safflower or sunflower oil

I usually use Philippine coconut or cane sugar vinegar found in Asian Grocery Stores or can be ordered from Amazon right in my site.  
Mix all ingredients together including the pork chops and marinate during the day.

Put flour in plastic bag to coat pork chops with flour

Put just enough oil in the frying pan to cook the pork chops in. 
Heat up oil in a frying pan.  Put 3 pork chops at a time in a plastic bag with the flour and shake the bag to coat the pork chops with flour and prevent it from splashing oil when frying.

In hot oil, fry coated pork chops about 6 minutes on each side in medium-high heat.  Repeat the process till all pork chops are cooked.  Do not over cook pork chops as it will get dry.  It is now alright to eat slightly pink pork chops if your source is trusted. (juice has to come out clear)

After frying, remove all oil in the pan except for about 2TB. Put about 1TB of flour in the marinade and mix well.  Pour the mixture in the pan where you fried the pork chops scraping the bits and pieces of residue left in the pan.  Continue stirring until the mixture comes to a boil and slightly thickens like gravy about 5-7.  Pour over the pork chops.

I usually serve this with rice and a a dipping sauce made of vinegar, minced garlic, black pepper and some Thai-style peppers or jalapeno peppers.

Monday, May 27, 2013


This is a Popular brunch place in SoHo, located just steps from the #6 Spring St. Subway station on Lafayette Street south of Spring street. This small restaurant offers good affordable breakfast with some Middle Eastern influence.
When looking for the restaurant, look for this sign above.
My morning started right with a great looking cappuccino. 
It was a fine beautiful Spring day this morning. The windows were open and people were o
We ordered the green shakshuka - poached egg with green tomato sauce which reminded us of the Mexican hue is rancheros.  As seen above, we also tried the house-cured duck bacon (a must try) and haloumi cheese.  Their black tea with mint is also refreshing.

We saw a few order the seasonal fruit crisp.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Opened today: LOS TACOS No. 1

A new section just opened in Chelsea Market - taco place - authentic -  looks very clean and fast to go!
I ordered the ON A PLATE Nopal with Meat.  What a deal!  I ordered this because I wanted to have a meal without carbs.

The bottom was 2 nopal (cactus leaf) topped with my choice of meat - I chose the Adobada.  Next time, I'll have it with carne asada as I saw them grill it.  Chicken as well is freshly grilled.  The Adobada is trimmed off a re-constructed meat in a spit like they do with a gyro.

After you order your food, they top it with guacamole, cheese, cilantro and you can add your own grilled jalapeno peppers, various sauces on the counter, and radishes.

I will definitely return to try their tacos.

So glad, this California digs opened in Manhattan!  Every dig wants to open in Manhattan!  I love the island Manhattan!!!

The array of garnishes on the counter that you can add to your order

The Plate dish I ordered - Nopal with Meat
By the way, I just added this restaurant in Yelp - I'm the first one to have done so!

Los Tacos No. 1
75 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

Good Lunch Deal at SOCARRAT

Hungry and past 3PM - late lunch!  Decided to stop by the tapas place nearby which I've had dinner at last year.

Surprise!  At lunch they have an excellent deal.  Choice of 3 of the tapas for price of 1.


One of my favorite restaurants in the city and hard to get a table without waiting. I was really aiming to lunch at ABC Cucina but that only opens at 5:30PM.  That is also owned by Jean George.

This place serves mostly organic foods and the usual fabulous recipes by Jean George.  The place is casual and bustling.

Currently I am seated in the bar area for quicker service instead of an hour's wait!  You have to plan to come here and make a reservation.
Above is my sea bass with spinach 
35 east 18th street (between broadway & park avenue)
new york ny 10003
phone 212 475 5829   
fax 212 598 3020



My friends and I ventured to Williamsburg, Brooklyn where it certainly is now bustling with interesting and innovative restaurants.

The trek to Brooklyn was well worth it!  Not only was the food very good - better than expected; it was light in the pocketbook!

For starters, we had cream of pepper soup.  After that the food just kept coming to the table!  The Chef chose the dishes for us to try and share like tapas.
 Above is our amuse bouche - pepper soup.
Above was one of the dishes I liked. It's burrata cheese with roasted hazelnuts, black truffles and white asparagus. 

Above is seared scallops on risotto with peas - one of the favorites at our table.

Lightly battered eggplant - with topping and what looks like balsamic syrup. (That's my guess). I loved this one even though it was deep fried.
Above is salty shrimp with cauliflower.
We dug into this roast pork before I could take a picture.  Definitely a must to order.
Giant prawns serves on a large piece of  brioche   bread with sauce and foie gras!
(Another dish I loved!)
This is the pork ribs with cinnamon.  The meat melts in your mouth. Juicy and tender but a bit too sweet for me.
Lobster, andouille sausage, peppers and some cheese and vegetables with couscous reminded me of paella.
Melted Munster cheese with chorizo in pot served with sliced apples and crustades.  It's like a fondue!  Also reminds me of Spanish tapas.
 Pulled pork sandwiches.  It was a little sweet for me.  I preferred the French fried sweet potato dipped in special mayonnaise which they serves it with.
I'm glad the Chef brought us a salad.  It was delicious with a light dressing.
One of the two desserts was a homemade key lime pie with real graham cracker crust as pictured above.
The sun had set so my photo doesn't do justice to our favorite dessert of all!  The BACON DONUTS served with a scoop of ice cream.  It was soooo good we had to 
order another on top of our omakase.

I certainly will go back to eat here!


Street Food in Flushing, Queens

This man stands here every day and sells BBQ inexpensively.  The one I tried and liked because it's not like any spice I've had is the lamb sticks for $1 each. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The 9 Foods Never to Eat | Yahoo! Health

As a Foodie, I do watch what I eat.
I try to use as much organic foods as possible.
And I'm glad that I found myself following most of the things not to eat suggested here:
The 9 Foods Never to Eat | Yahoo! Health

Friday, May 24, 2013


First Taste of Sutton Place on June 15, 2013.

Come try sampling a from our neighborhood restaurants and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


As they always say, something happens for a purpose.

After showing an apartment in the Lower East Side, it was convenient to take the subway to get tickets to a show at The Public Theater on Lafayette Street.  And that's when I stumbled upon Lafayette.  I had heard that the Chinese Brasserie which used to be in that site was going to leave.  And I've read somewhere than Andrew Carmellini was opening a new restaurant in NoHo.  So of course, I hurriedly picked up the ticket and darted to Lafayette for a quick late lunch.

This place is big and bright.  I love the decor.
As you enter, on the right is the Bakery and Pastry shop where you can grab sweets and breads.  In my case, first I ate and then grabbed extra calories to take home.

I sat at one of these smaller tables to have lunch.

The Bakery as you enter

I had a wonderful salad with a delicate dressing.  It's made with frisee, and mache.

My main course which is really an appetizer are 4 large prawns with a nice light dip.

An array of pastries on your way out.
Anyone for a tart?

On the right are canelelle - one of my favorite pastry.
380 Lafayette St
(between 4th St & Great Jones St)
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhood: NoHo
(212) 533-3000

Monday, May 20, 2013


Sometime earlier this year, I was invited to a Middle Eastern Cooking Demonstration and contest.  Each Chef represented a country.

This flyer was distributed to us so that we can make it at home.
I am delighted to have had this recipe which was actually prepared in front of us while attending a Middle East cook off contest sponsored by an organization at the UN which was held at the Consulate of Kuwait.

NOMAD - A Moroccan Restaurant in the East Village

Do not be confused!  I just blogged about The Nomad in the Nomad Hotel located in the Flat Iron district - 29th Street and Broadway.

This restaurant is located in the East Village on Second Avenue between 5th and 6th Streets.

It is a casual place and a trendy Moroccan decor, affordable prices, with good portions.  They actually claim to be a South African restaurant.

One of our appetizers was Tabouleh.  This one had grains in it - maybe because it's Moroccan style rather than the general Middle Eastern version we are accustomed with.

The special Moroccan stew with prunes and nuts was tender and flavorful.  If you don't like prunes, you can request for them to remove it.

You know me, I'm always curious to try other dishes that I've never had.  So, I chose this chicken cooked in filo-type dough sprinkled with some powdered sugar and cinnamon.  It's alright but there were other dishes that I tried at the table.

The mini crab cakes and shrimp as appetizer could be one's main course.
78 2nd Ave  New York, NY 10003
(212) 253-5410

Monday, May 13, 2013


First thing I have to say is I'M IMPRESSED!

My new favorite in NYC!  It certainly fulfills presentation, price point, service and taste!  Yes, a little pricey but not exhorbitant and not to mention the outstanding nouvelle decor.  I praise them for their creativity and new techniques.  I was happy from appetizer to dessert and how prompt and responsive our server was.  Although, there was one server that seemed a bit snobbish who sat us down.  The suckling pig, although small in portion (but honestly, it's a healthy portion unless you like to eat like a glutton) fit the description of being crispy skinned.  That passed my suckling pig test even though the crispy skin was placed on top of a pork confit. They did have a good slice of pork belly with crispy skin on the side as well.  My lobster with its sauce was delicate.  The milk and honey dessert is very light and not too sweet.  I'm so glad it's the dessert we ordered.  I highly recommend this place.

This restaurant was established inside The Nomad Hotel about 13 months ago from today.  It's no surprise why I love this restaurant without even knowing its background prior to eating here.  This restaurant is under Chef Charles Humm of Eleven Madison which is an expensive Michellin Star acclaimed restaurant not far from this restaurant.  Charles Humm spent his cullinary experiences in Switzerland, New York and California; which is why he is able to compose that clean fresh California taste, with sophisticated European Swiss taste and meet New Yorker's expectations!

The black canopied entrance of this fine handsome building opens to a unique boutique hotel where the restaurant awaits you.

Such elegance but not pretencious.  The sky above is open because the roof is made of glass.  There is always light that shines during the day as if you are outdoors. 

There is a bar area behind the restaurant and another separate room on the other side with a very large fireplace. You can either dress up or dress casually which is why it's very trendy.

I opted for the healthy julienned snow pease with mint and pecorino cheese in a light salad dressing.

This is the appetizer or small orders.
This first course of our dinner was this  poached egg with pancetta (minced), some cheese, brown butter and quinoa and some asparagus.  I think it would have been a nice brunch to itself!

They will give you war focaccia bread with rosemary and chickpea.  We had to ask for seconds as we were 3 people and we needed it to soak up the sauce from the egg.

I had to try the steamed lobsters poached with fennel, vermouth and asparagus.  The sauce is so light and delicate, it does not drown the lobster taste.

Next time, we shall order the Roast chicken for 2 as shown in the menu above.  It has foie gras between the skin!  We saw this ordered by quite a few tables.  It comes out perfectly brown roasted served topped with a bunch of rosemary standing up like a tree.

SUCKLING PIG:  The confit of pork is topped with a perfectly crisp suckling pig skin.  Covered by vegetables on top is a roll of succulent pork belly with dark crisp skin served with cooked prunes around the plate.  (I claim myself as a connoseur for suckling pigs having grown up in a country that served it in special occasions - which was often enough during a year)

I watch what I eat so we ordered a side dish of vegetables.  On the right is a mixture of snow pease, pease, and fava beans.

AAAH!  The dessert!  Given the restrictions I have for eating too much sugary stuff, I had to pick the most incredible and unusual dessert from the list that I could learn something new from.

Above is Milk & Honey dessert.  The scoop of "ice-cream" is really the smoothest cold milk that is not too sweet.  The crispy white cracked things around is really milk - probably bubbly and dried up to create a delicate crisp cookie.  The brown cookies crumbled around must be the shortbread which when I first imagined was not this way; so I was pleasantly surprised!
This is a light dessert to try!