Monday, April 6, 2015


3-4 Chucken thighs with skin (or without)
4 Chicken wings
4 large garlic cloves minced
4-5 five-inch Rosemary branches 
1-3 peels carrots sliced 1/2 inch thick
1 can flat anchovies (or 2oz)
1 TB of course ground pepper 
1 cup of balsamic vinegar or a little more
4-6 TB olive oil (without skin use 6TB)

Heat oil and fry chicken for a few minutes to get the sides golden's ghe brown. Add the garlic, Rosemary and peppercorns.  Put it under the chicken pieces in the pot.

Add the anchovies, carrots and and pour in the balsamic vinegar.

Cook uncovered over medium heat turning chicken pieces every 10 minutes for about 30 minutes-40 minutes.
Serve it either with mashed potatoes, pasta with garlic tomato sauce or garlic rice, rice pilaf or even plain rice.

Above - served with roasted potatoes with garlic and sundried tomatoes
Above, served with plain white rice!
Love this dish!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

THE CLAM - Restaurant

Located somewhere in the West Village bordering TriBeCa is this neighborhood restaurant serving such good dishes mostly with clams.  But his recipes are beyond the norm because he uses high quality ingredients and has refined the usual dish we know.

Co-Owner/Chef Mike Price was here today so I decided to have a photo with him!
For starters: the clams were so fresh and the lightly crumbed crumbs on the baked clams has parsley and other herbs in it. My sister said, next time she'll have 2 orders of this as a main course.
The clam pizza is studded with clams, it can be your full meal.  The crust is thin and crisp.
We also ordered the ravioli. It was so delicious!
My spaghetti with fresh Al-dente cooked pasta is another dish. The sauce is not your ordinary tomato sauce. I will come back for more.  It had a different taste to it.  He told me the secret - which I will keep.
One of us ordered their Pat La Frieda burger with their own sauce and herbed  fries!

I also had The Clam chowder which I forgot to take a photo of.  It's not your ordinary clam chowder.  It also had big pieces of meaty cubed bacon-like or pancetta pieces.

This is my new favorite restaurant in the city. They've only been here for about 8-9 months.

The Clam
420 Hudson at., NYC, NY

Subway: Take the 1 train to the Houston Street stop. Walk one block west on Houston to Hudson Street. Continue north on Hudson Street for two blocks.


Dinner is served Monday - Thursday 4:00pm to 11:00pm, Friday & Saturday 4:00pm to 12:00am, & Sunday 4:00pm - 10:00pm.

Lunch is served daily from 11:30am to 4pm.

My Breakfast

Majority of the time, I have smoked salmon from Russ & Daughters and berries - plus Sullivan Bread's Filone bread.
On WASA Norwegian bread, I spread a tablespoon of organic cream cheese, 2 slices of smoked salmon and chives on top and if I have capers, some capers. 

I toast a slice of Sullivan Bread's Filone bread and spread some mascarpone on it; arrange the raspberries on top and using a sugar sprinkler, shake some confectioner's sugar on the raspberries.

I always have a small cup of whisked matcha tea, a cup of fresh green tea, and 1 or 2 cups of espresso or cappuccino and about 3oz of grapefruit juice for my 2 vitamin pills with this.

Variation to my normal breakfast of smoked salmon is using omelette instead of cream cheese.

This is my energy breakfast most of the time.

Friday, March 13, 2015


I've been here a few times but there are other restaurants that participate in this event and for me to go again is because a friend of mine chose it.  This is when company takes priority over food.

The selection to choose from the special deal were all not my favorite (Other restaurants put their best foot forward).  If I stick to the choices for the set deal, the more I won't enjoy.  So, you guessed right, I opted for the almost twice the price of the special deal less $1.  This way, I get my appetizer of choice and dessert of choice. 
This is not the menu I chose. And the appetizer below was an extra cost our friend ordered from the Restaurant Week Menu.
Above was one of the appetizers served with "foamed" sauce.
I ordered the house Foie Gras with a puree and slice of pear. 
Seabass for my main course which I think was also in the menu about 4 years ago is what I picked again.  It's funny that I did mention this to my sister prior to my being at this restaurant; only to actually get served the same fish!

Away from the set menu for Restaurant Week, I got a bigger Foie gras and my choice of dessert.  And my choice was hot Chocolate Souffle!
The souffle saved my meal!

I think this place is a little over-rated.  I personally prefer some others that participate at Restaurant Week.  Restaurants should actually put out their best that could Wow me for the money. I was expecting a more haute cuisine than what I experienced.  And I knew this would be my experience as before. And that means not very impressive.

Let me try once more as my friend said I should have picked the shrimp dish.  I will tell you after next week - as we plan to return for the prix-fixed lunch menu. (No longer Restaurant Week)

Le Cirq

Friday, February 13, 2015

TULSI - Indian Restaurant

I've been passing by this restaurant since the time of inception as they took over the space. Tonight, after 3 months back from my trip frim India eating at I the best Indian restaurants which I made sure to go to, I decided to try Tulsi.
Before I went to India, most of my Indian food experience has been either buffet style or sometimes ala carte and they seem to all be mushy or grilled like a tandoor.

I am glad that I have the opportunity to evaluate what a Michelin Star chef cooking Indian food in New York is like.

The place is modern as you can see. Their menu varies from food from the north to the South in this restaurant.

I ordered Shrimp Balchao as my first course.  It was good but I wasn't impressed.  It reminded me more of a Philippine seafood dish called escabeche. It had tomato sauce, onions as a base and I could taste the sugar.
The price was a bit too high for something one can prepare the sauce ahead of time and shrimp added after.  $14!
Above was a dish I wanted to compare with what I had in India called Lal MAAS. It is goat stew with ginger, masala and other Indian spices.  It was good but for the amount of goat I had, $28 was outrageous!
The garlic naan was the best in the meal. The dough was very light and crisp and flavorful. That was $5.
Another disappointing dish I ordered was the fried okra.  I enjoyed this very much in Jaipur when my Tourguide ordered it. That was nice green thin slices of okra fried crisp.  But at Tulsi:
The okra was saved by the onions they fried and added to the dish; but it tastes more like burnt whatever. Because of the nutrient and the cost $9, I had ton save it to take home.

For dessert, I wanted to try something new. 
So I ordered Santra Payasam. It's some Indian custard served in a bowl made of chocolate. I can't complain but I wasn't ecstatic.

Now, my curiosity has just been fixed!

East 46th St., between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


For me, this is so far the best fried chicken in the city.  Lightly battered which pulls out easily with the most juicy chicken inside.

I ordered the fried chicken box. It comes with 3 pieces of fried chicken of your choice, a large homemade biscuit served with maple butter and a choice of side - mine was Collard green salad with tangy dressing, avocado, (cooked or is it pickled) onion, and roasted coconut.
To go, I bought a studded pecan yeast donut with maple:
And sour dough donut which is very different:
This certainly is my new place for the traditional fried chicken.  They also have chicken and waffles - will try that next time.

43 Canal St, New York, NY 10002

Friday, January 30, 2015

BOROUGH MARKET, London, England

My kind of trip besides site seeing and going to museums and historical artifacts is eating the food of the country I am visiting.

Eating the food in another country is experiencing the lives of the people who live there.  Besides the restaurants I went to and strategically made reservations in advance to make sure I get in, I purposely went to Borough Market.

On my first day to Borough Market was in a Sunday whereby I found out that they were closed when I got there.   Fortunately, there are a couple of kiosks or little restaurants in the area that were open.  I tried a sandwich place that sold sausages. The sausage was made with wine.  This store is located near the entrance by the church if you are crossing the bridge to get to Borough Market.

Above was my sandwich whereby you could put some dressings to top it. I got it from The Guildable Manor
Then, I stumbled upon a fish and chips place.  I asked if they had a smaller portion of fish and chips to try.  They did and I was in luck!  So, i ate at FISH! Menu below:
Crunchy battered fish served with French fries and mushy peas. 
On my way back home, I stopped by this wonderful chocolate and restaurant place in the area outside Borough Market at Eabot 1745.
One of the chocolates I bought from Rabot 1745 was 75% dark chocolate. They also carried chocolate hand and body lotion. No, I did not eat arbette restaurant - but wish I did. 

Because it was a Sunday, the market was closed.  But I returned during the week on a Wednesday and had a fabulous time. Below are some of the highlights  of the food I found outstanding!
He makes these fresh coconut custard that's so light.  I actually ate it first before proceeding.  The dessert is called Khanom Krok.

I had to try the large oysters from this seafood stall next.
'Wanted to show you how large this oyster is. I love oysters! So when I stumbled upon another oyster place called Harry Howard's Oyster, I had to have more!

And this place has a good deal for oysters! Read the blackboard. And you can guess it, I had to try it because he offered 2 kinds of sauces for the oysters.  

'Had to buy this cheese! After all, it was served at the Royal Wedding.

Below, I had to buy Jamon Iberico de Bellota. Heavenly at Brindisa that specialized in Soanish foods.

Stop by the truffle place! They sell or sorts of things including Parmesan cheese with truffles and below is Truffle pate.
Various sausages too. And he's, I bought 2 different pieces to try.
Last but not least, I had to try these cream-filled doughnuts.  Delightful!
I had a great few hours before I had to leave to go have High Tea at The Goring!

This was my experience at Borough Market on my visit to London last early Fall.  

For more information, you can go to: