Thursday, July 24, 2014

#NewYorkRestaurantWeek - CLEMENT

There is a new Chef at The Peninsula Hotel's restaurant Clement.  This week is New York's Summer Restaurant Week and I have just had lunch at this wonderful special place.

Of course as it is in The Peninsula Hotel, expect the best decor and ambience.
You ascend the dramatic staircase from the entrance to Clement.
Above, a room where you can wait at the top if the staircase.
Or wait at the bar area with some drinks 
The dining area is large with a semi-private area at the end if one were to hold an initimate private gathering.  But to come right down what they have to offer for Restaurant Week:
Above is the warm corn salad with blueberries which I ordered ...
But the peakey toe crab in watermelon gazpacho looked so good when it came; that I would like to return to try.
The main dish I ordered was the seabass perfectly fried then served with a very light broth they poured in.
Above is the braised short ribs that our friend raved about which melted in her mouth.  That makes it two reasons for me to return!
There is a choice of 2 desserts.  Mine was their interpretation of the S'Mores.  The graham cracker is the wafer you see with some chocolate and the marshmallow is under that's been flames to melt and brown on top if a rich chocolate fudgy base. This is served with a mini scoop of vanilla ice cream. (Tastes like vanilla to me)
Or you can choose their light version of a strawberry shortcake pictured above.

They have other main course options including a vegetarian dish made with pasta.  This wonderful lunch at $25 plus tax and tip was a steal by any standard even abroad - and I have traveled!

But a good information to know is that they offer a Pre-Theater $43 prix-fixed 3-course menu plus shuttle service to the theater district; but reservations for the shuttle must be made by 12PM the day of the show.
The Peninsula Hotel
700 Fifth Avenue at 55th Street,
New York, NY 10019

#NewThaiRestaurant PEAK THAI

This restaurant opened a few months ago.  I finally tried it for lunch today.
This a small neighborhood restaurant that offers authentic Thai food.  Their menue has some additional choice that I have not had from previous Thai restaurant.  I like their take on the duck with spicy basil sauce which offers a healthy lunch with enough protein and vegetables:
The above duck dish was sautéed with onions and green beans.  I detect a bit of salty fish mixed in - sort of an anchovy taste.  I happen to like it. 

The order comes with a small salad and a fried Spring roll.
The place is open 7 days a week. Lucky for those who live within 3 blocks, they have another take out place in the neighborhood.  Good thing they also accept credit cards but with a minimum of $15 and they deliver for a minimum of $10.  Not only are they reasonably priced for everyday meals,  it's also clean.

301 E 49th St., NYC, NY 10017

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Guacamole Demo.MP4

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ABBOTEGA #NorthernItalian, #Restaurant

This is down the south-most part of the West Village.

After trying the Vietnamese influenced food stop at Varrick st., I bumped into this Northern Italian little restaurant.  I couldn't resist passing it up so I decided to stay for a small dessert.  Looking at the menu, it was described as a chocolate flan with white ganache. I was lead to believe it was like a cake with chocolate inside.  But to call it a flan is far fetched.  This is really a Jean George copy if his "lava cake" which is a light chocolate cake with liquid center.

At this restaurant, they decided to serve it over a white chocolate ganache with some sweet crumbled cookies like biscotti or maybe a meringue. Overall, it made the dessert too sweet for me.  It would have been better served with chantilly sauce or zabaglione.
The place has charm and the street is one of my favorite quiet neighborhoods in the city.
It has a local charm about to it which attracted me to stay.  Judging from the menu and the late lunch the staff was having, I plan to go back and try their lunch or dinner.  They serve Northern Italian  food and their prices for the main course seem reasonable.

This restaurant has several branches in Milan and their first in New York City. They said they soon will open one in Miami, Florida.

14 Bedford Street, New York, NY 

VIEN #vietnamesetakeout

The choice for main course aren't freshly cooked behind - waiting to be served / but it's a quick take out.  The other choice is need, tofu, vegetables and stewed looking pork.

It has a Vietnamese influence for sure!

Above are the choice of sauces they put on top of your dish at the end.

I like my Vietnamese Lime dressing or sauce as they call it which they squeeze on too of your order.

Garnishes are definitely a Vietnamese influence. Quite good.  Although the main choices does not look so appetizing. 

To get here, I took the E line and got off W4 St and walked past Bleeker and turned to Downing from Sixth Avenue to 220 Varick which is at the corner of Varick and Downing. Sts.


220 Varick St., New York, NY

(Between Downing and Carmine Streets)

11:30am to 6PM 1-212-255-8808

Saturday, June 21, 2014

FRENCH CAFE - #LeMoulainCafe

My friend had mentioned to me that some people she knows who live in this neighborhood rave about this place.

I can see why.  They have wonderful pastries and a light lunch menu.  However, to me only the pastries are remarkable.

The usual croque Monsieur and croque Madame are again on the menu including the salad Nicoise.  Some other competition serve more than these items at their French cafés.

The ambience is nice:
The pastries look fine. Therefore, I had to veer out of the usual French choice. I picked their Vietnamese inspired sandwich baguette. It's just a sandwich.  Maybe I should have picked the small sandwiches in their glass case found upfront in the glass case instead.

But at least. The price was right.

When it came to the croissants, they were competitively priced. I hope the croissants I bought  pass the test tomorrow when I have it for breakfast.

It's a gem of am addition to the area. I don't think though if I will go out of my way to eat here when i can find things here at any French cafe in the city. The pastries are good but the lunch is average to me so far.

Here's the lunch menu:

Le Moulain Cafe
1349 York Avenue
New York, NY 10079