Monday, October 21, 2019

Indian Food in NYC

My favorite Indian restaurant in the city. If you’ve been to India and eaten in good restaurants, this is how they prepare good food.

The crispy okra was so delicious, I did not need the avocado underneath it. In fact I would love that they sell okra chips in a bag to take out if they would please. After I had them in Jaipur, I have been searching this in the city. The last one I tried it frkm was burnt and close to what I had. But the okra chips here are the best outside India.

I also ordered nizams haleem. This is lamb cooked a long time mixed with spices (it is not hot and spicy). It is served with about 8 spices and condiments that you would add to it in the buttered naan they give you. I later on decided to split the naan in the center and eat it like a sandwich. I love all the spices especially the pickled radish (I thought) which she said was pickled ginger.

My dessert was the Frozen Cutting Chai. It’s the correct portion and it is a handmade tea ice cream served 

Monday, October 7, 2019


Last weekend was such a beautiful day to waste staying in.  We decided to take the sweet ride to visit Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.  Smorgasburg is an even held every Saturday near the wharf where the ferry docks in Williamsburg.  When you arrive and do6 see it, just ask around and either you would see it before getting to the street or someone will direct you to it.

At Smorgasburg are many food vendors that mostly try to startup their business or some already established.  I have not been here for 3-5 years so today was a good day to visit.

First thing I noticed when we arrived was the number of tents of food purveyors around and majority of which I have never seen.  This event is open every Saturday only from late Spring till end of October.  So you still have time to try it.

I will mention here my only my favorites.  I need to go back next weekend to try others I saw but could not eat anymore.

1)  my favorite was the Japanese shaved ice place near the entrance area.  I specifically asked for the mango.  It was not very sweet and it’s fun to watch them packnit ipneith ice and fill halfway with pieces of candies ginger and whipped cream and more ice and mango syrup.

2) try the fried anchovies.  I cannot find them at restaurants the way they make them.  They are crisp and freshly fried.

3) there is a wood-burning oven where this lovely couple makes the thinnest and crispy pizza better than what you can find in the city.  I wish they had a restaurant.  But we are so happy they brought their own Wood-burning oven!

We are foodies so next week, we plan to bring some containers to bring home something we enjoyed eating.

Tip:  The ferry boat ride is only $2.75.  It’s a great way to go

 The shaved ice mango in the left is my favorite. I went back last weekend but they were not there.  You better believe it - I was pretty sad.
 The pizza owner on the right makes the pizza and cooks it right in this wood burning oven.
 Perfect crispy thin crust pizza.
This is the shaved ice tent where my favorite shaved mango ice is made.

You guessed it, above is the pizza donut - which I do not particularly like.
On the left is my favorite fried anchovies!

I recently attended a Fall event luncheon held at one of our member’s apartment rooftop.  It was October but it was the hottest October I have ever had.  It was close to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Fortunately it was breezy!