Sunday, November 6, 2011

MEXICUE - BBQ served also as tacos

This is a tiny restaurant that opened recently at Forsyth Street bordering Chinatown and Lower East side.  Barbecue is their mainstay served as tacos, sliders or over rice.  Very affordable and very hip.  If you like tacos and sliders and a bottle of beer or wine, this is a decent place to go.  They have other branches, but because this is their most recently opened branch; I opted to eat at this site.
This is Mexicue.  It's a small place with a few tables mostly with stool chairs

On the left are the 3 tacos we ordered to try.
L-R:  Smoked Short Ribs, Smokey BBQ beans, Alabama BBQ Chicken

This is the Smokey BBQ bean taco

The sliders were: Burnt ends chili, Berkshire pulled pork, and BBQ brisket
And I liked all three of them.

A must try are these sides of Green Chili Mac and Spicy Potato Salad. We also ordered their Smokey Caesars Salad as our vegetables.  That had a spicy creamy dressing with fried Chinese noodles for crunch.

Their menu is very reasonable.  They draw crowds for small dishes accompanied by wine or beer.  We had Jarritos Mexican drinks instead.  I liked the Tamarind kind.

NOTE:  Because they border Chinatown area, they also serve the BBQ over rice with vegetables.  They fall under Rice Bowls category.

106 Forsyth, New York, NY 10002

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