Saturday, January 14, 2012

THE CROSBY BAR at Crosby Street in SoHo, NY

I was in SoHo for work related issue when I absolutely needed to eat lunch at 1:30PM.  The places I wanted to go were closed to my surprise while the others were either full or I've been to before.  I have always passed the back part of this restaurant before where they have a glass elevator outdoors so I walked down to explore.

This is the restaurant inside The Crosby Street Hotel on Crosby Street in SoHo. Did you know why it's called SoHo?  It means South of Houston Street.  (And when you hear NoHo - it's North of Houston Street)

The atmosphere was so pretty and bright.  It must be the colors that attracted me to proceed.  It's a good choice for a dull over-cast winter's day to come here.

I chose a seat right next to the doors that open to the mirrored terrace with a beautiful garden and topiary with dog images.  What a cute idea!

Except for the winter, they probably allow you to sit outdoors.  The colorful circles you see are a reflection of the lights indoors.

Light Fixtures above
Below are some of the food I ordered.  This was late lunch so I opted for their cauliflower soup with black olive-walnut gremolata and a couple of small plate dishes.

I recommend to order this cauliflower soup.  The flavor of the roasted cauliflower is intense.  I'm not sure if it has dairy in it because it didn't taste like it did.

On the left is the cheddar jalapeno fritters with dill garlic labne.  It's quite good.

Inside the cheddar jalapeno fritters

On the left is the Shrimp bennett gribiche with a wonderful sauce.  Below is when you cut it up.

Above, is the cinnamon doughnuts with berry and chocolate dipping sauces
This was my dessert.  I didn't realize that what I've ordered were all pretty much an assortment of fritters.  They were all in the croquette family with a variety of ways to prepare them; except for the soup I ordered.

The ambiance was gorgeous and the service was great.  I like the decoration more than I liked the doughnuts.  I probably should have ordered a different dessert.  I'm not a fritter freak.

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