Monday, September 24, 2012

NORTH END GRILL - My Restaurant Experience

Winner of Top Chef Masters 2011 Floyd Cardoz opened North End Grill in downtown Manhattan this year and has been a popular restaurant since.  Originally from Mumbai, India, he loved food and his determination to perfect it shows at his restaurant.

Floyd Cardoz came to our table to chat with us after our lunch before our dessert.  He is a charismatic person who chatted with us at our table.  He used to be a Chef at Tabla and was using his Chef smock from there that day.
Below are some of the dishes that we ate at his restaurant for lunch.  Although his menu changes, I simply want to share and give you an idea of what we had.
My first course was Floyd Cardoz'es interpretation of Scotch Eggs.  He is very proud of the fact that the yolk is still runny which is hard to achieve when you deep fry it.  It is served on a vegetable puree.  It is balanced and has a delicate flavor.

This could be an interesting selection for brunch if it would be in that menu - I'd pick it.

My friend ordered the baby squid dish which she enjoyed very much.  We've never seen squid as tiny as this.  He said it comes from Europe and is seasonally imported.

I had to take a photo of this mini squid to demonstrate how small they were.  They were tender!
My other friend had the King Salmon with quinoa and carrot puree and cashews who thought was divine!

Not pictured, is my order of Lobster egg custard with sea urchin.  (Japanese name for sea urchin is Uni). It was his interpretation of a Japanese warm custard dish.  I loved it!

For dessert, I ordered a popular choice.  It was a creamy smooth salty caramel pudding with homemade marshmallows and dark chocolate crispy crumbs.  See close up of pudding below.

Our other friend ordered this artistic delicious dessert which she said was delectable as well!
With such clean visible kitchen, a changing menu, and creative new dishes not usually found elsewhere, I definitely recommend it.  It was worth the trek. 
You will pass by this big kitchen between the entrance and your table.

The Kitchen is open for public view.

North End Grill

104 N End Ave
(at Vesey St)
Manhattan, NY 10282
Neighborhood: Battery Park
(646) 747-1600

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