Friday, February 7, 2014


Mysttik Masaala
304 E 44 St
Midtown East

This place is overrated.  I would rather have Indian buffets where I can sit.
My samosa were too salty - which was the first I tried.  Next, I had the vegetable & Chicken pastes - equally salty.

The chicken curry was uneventful. More like a plain stewed chicken.

The garbanzo street food was not salty but was not something for me to go back  for.

 I was hungry when I started and full now.  But not elated with my food experience.

I have tried street other street food trucks that I rave about.  This doesn't excite me.

Perhaps if the samosa and pastes (this is what was the spelling on the truck) were seasoned well and not too salty, I may have had a better experience.

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