Thursday, October 2, 2014


I' ve always loved Peking Duck.  Whether in China when we visited Beijing or Chinatown.

This time Peking duck is the featured dish at Decoy.  It is served first come first served if you don't have a reservation. You also don't have to order the prix-fixed menu which comes with 2 choices from a column and 1 on the right side for the menu as a side.  It is served with a duck consome and an amuse bouche if ordered prix-fixed.  If you don't want the prix-fixed menu with the duck, you can sit by the bar to order their fabulous decadent duck by itself IF you are early enough to get a seat before they runout of duck.

We opted for prix-fixed and below were what we ate:
1) the following amuse bouche above is pickled cucumbers on the left, mango with sauce, and a kimchee with a twist.
Above is crisp fish skin - so light crisp and delicate.
We chose the Kumamoto oysters above.
For uni lovers, this is a big bowl with giant uni inside on black noodles and chopped salad below.  Mixed together is so good!
Loaded with crabmeat and diver scallops, this Chinese crab fried rice was perfect!
The star of the show - our roasted Peking duck with light evenly cooked crisp skin!
The duck is served with home made wrappers scallions and cucumbers. The duck was not greasy at all. The skin was still moist.

529 1/2 Hudson Street 

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