Wednesday, December 9, 2015

#DOMODOMO - Japanese Restaurant

I was dubious about this restaurant at first. I have it a chance because of the review.  Amazing is an over used word - it's beginning to annoy me.  Therefore, I will simply say outstanding!

The yuzu foam on my oyster lent a perfect mild citrus touch to my oysters that I saved some for the other 4 on my plate.

My salad with shrimp was alright but I think next time, I would rather have the cucumber salad our friend had.

The chawanmushi said my friends was excellent.

Uni pasta - this is so far a better version I have had.  Maybe because I like the soupy sauce with cheese taste but it was very light.  It really did not need the uni.  However, it complimented each other since uni tends to be milky in taste when I eat it.  It is served with a little black caviar on top - not the cheap kind. 

They had Hojicha pudding which is like a green tea cream in a cup (little amount) with some gel on top - maybe just to sweeten a bit as you spoon the dessert garnished with some seeds on top.  Not too sweet.

Oyster sampler below had yuzu foam in the biggest oyster. It was so good I asked for more foam and she gave us more for my other oysters.
Black ink pasta with cheese sauce (you only taste a hint of it in the beginning and then it goes away) with black caviar on top of the uni.
Megu Toro Hand Roll - the toro inside is chopped and not very generous.
Deasert: Hojicha Pudding.  It is macha tea base with some gelee on top so it sweetens the matcha mixture below which is like a panacotta.

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