Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Contemporary cooking is all about presentation of food besides flavors.  I take the plate like canvas and arrange vegetables available in my refrigerator.

Instead of tossing all the various vegetables I have to make salad, I have arranged them on my white plate to combine certain colors to get together or separate them.
To the left, I used sliced fennel and flowers.  Top right, opposite the fennel are  thinly sliced rainbow radish which I bunched up and balanced the pink on the left.  I used the yellow cauliflower or the one color that is not common to any of the vegetables on my plate to the center with the darkest colors on one side.  The dots you see is balsamic vinegar glaze which could be the dressing for the vegetables except for the arugula which already has dressing.  I like plating my food to excite the palette and change the mood on the table.  It is like a three dimensional painting.

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