Monday, October 21, 2019

Indian Food in NYC

My favorite Indian restaurant in the city. If you’ve been to India and eaten in good restaurants, this is how they prepare good food.

The crispy okra was so delicious, I did not need the avocado underneath it. In fact I would love that they sell okra chips in a bag to take out if they would please. After I had them in Jaipur, I have been searching this in the city. The last one I tried it frkm was burnt and close to what I had. But the okra chips here are the best outside India.

I also ordered nizams haleem. This is lamb cooked a long time mixed with spices (it is not hot and spicy). It is served with about 8 spices and condiments that you would add to it in the buttered naan they give you. I later on decided to split the naan in the center and eat it like a sandwich. I love all the spices especially the pickled radish (I thought) which she said was pickled ginger.

My dessert was the Frozen Cutting Chai. It’s the correct portion and it is a handmade tea ice cream served 

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