Monday, June 29, 2020


Egg Cocotte 
This is really an easy recipe to prepare.  Recipe below is for 1 person.  I call it 444 because I cook everything here in 4 minutes (less the effort) 4 main ingredient for the egg dish,  400F degrees to toast the acruitement.  

What you need:
2 inch Ramekin Dish
1 TB butter - softened or slightly melted in microwave and throw back in fridge a minute.
1 Tb minced fresh parsley 
1 slice of bread
1 egg
Salmon caviar or any caviar for garnish on top

Spread the softened butter at the bottom and the sides of the ramekin dish.  Sprinkle the sides with minced parsley.

Crack an egg on it and place in boiling pan of water.
Cook for 4 minutes and no more!

Run knife around and put your round piece of toast.  Flip egg over on top the plate and shake to release egg from ramekin.

Below is what I did to make the round toast and the crispy crumpet:

I used store bought crumpets.  I brushed it with a little oil and placed it in a pan with my round piece of bread for the Cocotte to toast in PREHEATED 400F oven for 4 minutes!

The crumpet comes out toasty in the bottom for my cream (clotted it’s double cream) spread with quality jam.  And the piece of circle toast to place my cocotte on are also done.
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