Sunday, July 26, 2020

Today since it is Phase 4 which means restaurants are now open only for eating outdoors is a great omen that our virus cases have plateaued.  Thank God! And thank goodness!  Hopefully people behave and be more mindful that the only way to go back closer to normal is to keep distancing, wear a mask and keep washing rose hands.  I carry rubber gloves as well if I have to buy something and pull it off the shelf.

We went to the newly opened Italian restaurant in our neighborhood where they already had one in SoHo and was a success.

I picked a table
Closer to the street than the sidewalk to avoid the people that pass by - who knows, one could have COVID-19.

I decided to wear my shield so I could eat my food and still feel confident that I will be protected from floating viruses while we chat.

I ordered the mixed seafood with langoustine, shrimp and pasta.  It was quite good.  My friend had the fried sardine which was perfectly done!  It comes with salad.

I am quite happy that this was my first meal outside after cooking away since March 11!  Well, we did order out food which we ate inside.  But it is fun to eat at premise.
On the left is a pizza I picked up on our way home.  I heated it up when Ingot home  adding some truffle mushroom sauce and prosciutto.

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