Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Christmas Dinner 2021 we celebrated Christmas physically by ourselves without family, we made only dinner for 2 without all the dramatic presentations.  But delicious as ever.

This year, with everyone vaccinated within my family who could be with us at home, I decided to celebrate!

For appetizers we had Jamon Iberico de Belleto fed only with acorns, Gilda (peppers, anchovies and olives) I brought back from our trip in Bilbao and San Sebastián, cheeses from our neighborhood cheese place.

I was going to make the mashed potatoes and garnish it with fresh white truffle but I had no more time to sieve it nor mash the potatoes.  So I just cut them into pieces and added butter and sprinkled them with salt and shaved the white truffle on top.  Next time, I may drizzle some truffle oil too.

Desserts this year were Tunisian traditional desserts crafted by @Layla of California and festive chocolates with peanut butter centers by @JohnKelly 

If you need any of the recipes - please let me know.  

Below were sweets I ordered from the website  I provided in my link.  But I quickly made up my concocted dessert with some  japanese style cheesecake  with whipped cream, pink strawberries and crumbled French style meringue.

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