Monday, October 8, 2012


Continuing with Le Taste of France, the event last weekend that I attended; I watched the Chef from D'Artagnan demonstrate how to cook foie gras.

There are 3 categories in grading the liver.  They are graded A, B or C.  A, being the best and most perfect of all.  B has imperfection and C is plain liver.

Before foie gras became commercialized, she said that the ducks get to a certain age after a few weeks where their appetite is high.  They could eat non-stop.  Slowly, they would take the ducks at that stage to another pen to eat all day as much as they want.  Therefore, these ducks do not need to be forced fed as they would eat as much if they found food in the wild on their own.

At the event, she demonstrated the many things you could make from a duck.
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Determining how fat the liver is:
The thighs and legs of the duck are cut up to make duck confit. 
The foie gras is removed from the duck and sliced.
She seasons it with fleur de sel generously on both sides.  Then puts in in a very hot pan to cook for 1 minute or 2 on each side.

This is the liver that came from the duck that she cut up ready to be cooked.

The foie gras (Grade A liver) was cooked in a very hot pan for about 1 minute or so on each side.
Do not over cook it.  These ones used for demonstration were thicker than usual; so it was cooked a little over a minute on each side.
By the way, you need a good pan to cook the foie gras in.  See link.

For a Short History of Foie Gras:

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