Monday, May 13, 2013


First thing I have to say is I'M IMPRESSED!

My new favorite in NYC!  It certainly fulfills presentation, price point, service and taste!  Yes, a little pricey but not exhorbitant and not to mention the outstanding nouvelle decor.  I praise them for their creativity and new techniques.  I was happy from appetizer to dessert and how prompt and responsive our server was.  Although, there was one server that seemed a bit snobbish who sat us down.  The suckling pig, although small in portion (but honestly, it's a healthy portion unless you like to eat like a glutton) fit the description of being crispy skinned.  That passed my suckling pig test even though the crispy skin was placed on top of a pork confit. They did have a good slice of pork belly with crispy skin on the side as well.  My lobster with its sauce was delicate.  The milk and honey dessert is very light and not too sweet.  I'm so glad it's the dessert we ordered.  I highly recommend this place.

This restaurant was established inside The Nomad Hotel about 13 months ago from today.  It's no surprise why I love this restaurant without even knowing its background prior to eating here.  This restaurant is under Chef Charles Humm of Eleven Madison which is an expensive Michellin Star acclaimed restaurant not far from this restaurant.  Charles Humm spent his cullinary experiences in Switzerland, New York and California; which is why he is able to compose that clean fresh California taste, with sophisticated European Swiss taste and meet New Yorker's expectations!

The black canopied entrance of this fine handsome building opens to a unique boutique hotel where the restaurant awaits you.

Such elegance but not pretencious.  The sky above is open because the roof is made of glass.  There is always light that shines during the day as if you are outdoors. 

There is a bar area behind the restaurant and another separate room on the other side with a very large fireplace. You can either dress up or dress casually which is why it's very trendy.

I opted for the healthy julienned snow pease with mint and pecorino cheese in a light salad dressing.

This is the appetizer or small orders.
This first course of our dinner was this  poached egg with pancetta (minced), some cheese, brown butter and quinoa and some asparagus.  I think it would have been a nice brunch to itself!

They will give you war focaccia bread with rosemary and chickpea.  We had to ask for seconds as we were 3 people and we needed it to soak up the sauce from the egg.

I had to try the steamed lobsters poached with fennel, vermouth and asparagus.  The sauce is so light and delicate, it does not drown the lobster taste.

Next time, we shall order the Roast chicken for 2 as shown in the menu above.  It has foie gras between the skin!  We saw this ordered by quite a few tables.  It comes out perfectly brown roasted served topped with a bunch of rosemary standing up like a tree.

SUCKLING PIG:  The confit of pork is topped with a perfectly crisp suckling pig skin.  Covered by vegetables on top is a roll of succulent pork belly with dark crisp skin served with cooked prunes around the plate.  (I claim myself as a connoseur for suckling pigs having grown up in a country that served it in special occasions - which was often enough during a year)

I watch what I eat so we ordered a side dish of vegetables.  On the right is a mixture of snow pease, pease, and fava beans.

AAAH!  The dessert!  Given the restrictions I have for eating too much sugary stuff, I had to pick the most incredible and unusual dessert from the list that I could learn something new from.

Above is Milk & Honey dessert.  The scoop of "ice-cream" is really the smoothest cold milk that is not too sweet.  The crispy white cracked things around is really milk - probably bubbly and dried up to create a delicate crisp cookie.  The brown cookies crumbled around must be the shortbread which when I first imagined was not this way; so I was pleasantly surprised!
This is a light dessert to try!

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