Sunday, December 21, 2014


First I picked paper plates with the little girl's favorite Frozen - the movie.
The night before, I made chicken sandwiches cut in quarters to form triangles; and cucumber sandwiches cut up in 6. 

I rolled the cheese and ham in the soft thin slices bread and twines it. Then I brushed it with melted butter and baked it at 359 degrees till golden Brian and turned it on the other side. Each side about 4 minutes. ( baked this on the day)

Deviled eggs were made as well and on the day, I rolled smoked in cream cheese.  For some reason, this was the favorite of the 2-4 year olds!

I served mini desserts with red colors and green and a small basket of stemmed strawberries.

Drink:  blood orange juice and peas soup in little cups.

Then they opened their presents!

And the 4-year old said: "Best Christmas ever!"
Children were happy!

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