Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Stuffed Pepper Recipe

This is a quick after thought dinner.

What to do with a pound of very good ground beef!

3 large green peppers
3 cloves garlic minced
3/4 c chopped onions
1/2 packet of roast beef flavoring condiment (I used one from Argentina - but you can use any good dry broth condiment.
1/3 c minced parsley
1/3 c chopped stuffed olives
1 medium size fresh ear of corn (shucked)
3/4 c chunks of pepper jack cheese
Salt and pepper to taste
Grill each pepper 1 at a time on top of stove directly in flame of gas stove till charred all around.

Place each grilled pepper in paper bag for a few minutes to cool and easily peel the charred skin.

Cut peppers in half removing seeds and membrane. (Crosswise is better)

Sautée garlic and onion in 2TB of olive oil till golden brown.  Add the beef.  Add the corn. season with the condiment. Cover the pan to produce some juice.  Mix the meat while cooking from time to time. Add the parsley.  Season to taste.

Put 3 chunks of cheese in the split peppers then add about 2 or more of the meat mixture.  Too with the rest of the cheese and bake for 30minutes in 350F degree oven.

Serve with light salad.
My salad was mâché with orange balsamic glaze and orange olive oil seasoned with truffles salt and freshly ground pepper.

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