Friday, February 23, 2018


I’m having broiled hamachi collar tonight.  I would like to have a quick vegetable as accompaniment.

Have you had bitter melon?  I decided to make a salad with it instead of cooking it.

I simply washed the bitter melon, sliced it vertically and removed the core and seeds inside.  Then I sliced it in thin slices.

In a bowl, I poured about 1/3 cup of Seasoned Japanese rice vinegar in a bowl.  I added the rest of the ingredients.  Tossed them together and set it aside while I broiled my hamachi collar.


1 bitter melon

1/3 cup seasoned Japanese rice vinegar

1-2 TB of minced cilantro

1 stalk of scallions chopped

Salt for seasoning 

Optional: 1-2 Thai chillies minced.

This makes a good salad to eat with grilled or broiled fish.

#vegetable #bittermelon #salad

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