Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Ever buy a gadget and realize your kitchen is getting filled to the brim with assorted gadgets that are too specific that you do not know when else you would use it for its intention?

I recently got an egg slicer after one of my friends realized I always cut my hard boiled eggs with my sharp #kyocera #knife.  But of course I could not slice them quick enough and uniformly as a gadget would.  So one of them decided to give me one. I refused to buy it before for the same reason that I would have another gadget in my kitchen to keep.

Now that I have my new egg slicer, I recently saw a strawberry slicer in the internet being promoted.  Today, I decided to use my egg slicer to slice my strawberries and it worked!  Now I am ready to decorate uniformly sliced strawberries on top of desserts or as a garnish.

One gadget with 2 purposes.  Maybe there are more?

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