Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Every year the neighbors at this area in Dyker Heights have been decorating their homes each Christmas.  I finally decided to take a see it for myself and not just through media. 

I studied how to get there.  Last year, we got a little lost and gave up.

This year, I pursued to join a group tour.  However, with all the delays of the subway schedule for the weekend, I missed my group.

Nonetheless, I did not give up.  Based on my map, it was about -20 minute walk from the subway.

I took the R to exit 86th street and 4th Avenue.  Follow 86th street heading west up to 10th Street.  Go cross the bridge over the highway below.

When you get to 10th Avenue,  make a turn towards 83rd.  Before you get there you will see some pretty Christmas lights decorations from houses.  It gets better when you get to the house which have plenty of decor and look up as this house has a snow making machine which churn every few seconds.

From this street you may want to turn right to get to 11th Avenue or continue till 83rd street.  
I decided to turn right from here and saw more lights.  Here are some of the highlights I saw that struck me:

And I thought this was stunning!  I was mesmerized as I walked along further.  Remember the streets with the most notable Christmas decorations are from 83rd-86th streets frkm 10th yo 13th Avenues.

 The one above in green is like being immersed in a forest of lights!
And if you think it couldn’t get any better - wait till you see the following:

I hope that after you’ve seen these, you can catch up this year to see these beautiful Christmas decorations.  I believe they stop - or do not turn them on by December 22.  Please go check it out.  It is not disappointing.

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