Tuesday, January 14, 2020


 We took the ferry to get to Dumbo (Down Under the Brooklyn Bridge) from Manhattan.  It is more efficient, less walking and more direct way to get there from Manhattan without getting turned around in directions by subway.  Pretty way also to get there.  You can pick up the ferry from any ferry stops.

 We picked Juliana’s to get our thin crust pizza.  Grimaldi’s has already sold Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s is so much better!!  If you like thin crust pizza - this is it.
 We also bought the NY original egg cream.  This drink is made with Selter or club soda, milk and chocolate syrup.  I have made it at home.  You can too.
Fill up a tall glass with about 1/2 c of seltzer (or club soda),  add about 1/2 c of milk (or 1/3 c) and chocolate syrup (about 3TB).  Mix with your straw and

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