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the smoked duck breast you can buy in some specialty stores or nice complete supermarket #duckdinner #nycfoodphotographer


Combine 1/3 c rice vinegar

1/3c water

1/2 tsp salt

1TB sugar

Mix it in a bowl and add 12 cut in half cherry tomatoes to marinate 

The Duck

Sometimes it’s good to make a mistake.  I pulled some meat from my fridge that I thought was plain duck breast in a package.  But when it was time to cook it, I had a smoked duck breast instead!

What to do? Since I was ready to make a duck teriyaki and had bought the ingredients for the rice and vegetables to serve it with, I did not give up making close to the intention I had.

I made the smoked duck turn into ham!  Yes! I have done it before scoring the skin and making a fruit base ham glaze.  This time I used honey and some soy sauce just to season the sweetness. (1-1/2 TB honey to 1TB soy sauce mixed well)

Smear the mixture all over the duck.  Place it in a little pan line with foil on a rack.  I happen to have a small rack with a small pan I found in Amazon.  Comes handy cooking for 1 or 2.  Very useful even for heating croissant to a crisp.

I place the breast of the rolled smoked duck with glaze in a preheated 450F degree oven.  Cooked it 6 minutes on each 3 sides.  Set aside when done.

the Rice with sweet potatoes

The Rice:

Follow instructions of your rice cooker for sushi rice.  Or if you do not have a rice cooker,  then you can combine:

360 ml rice

450 ml water

1/3 tsp salt

1 Kombu piece about 2 inch square.

1 medium size Japanese sweet potato 

(They are red skinned with yellow interior)

Clean the sweet potato and cut it into cubes - 1/2 inch cubes or 3/4 inch is fine.

Put on top of the rice with water mixture and Kombu.  Turn rice cooker on.  It will take about 18 minutes to cook.

Soon it gets done, remove 3/4 of the sweet potato on a dish.  Remove the Kombu and fold in the rice with the sweet potato carefully.


I used 2 Japanese style leek/scallion and cut 10 slices but not all the way through until the 10th slice.

Repeat about 4 times for each Japanese leek/scallion

In hot pan, add about 3TB of oil till hot.  Add the cut leek/scallion.  Brown on 3-4 sides and set aside.

complete dinner


Dish rice out on to plate and put half of the sweet potato on top and shake some toasted sesame seeds on top.

Slice the ham-duck and arrange in the side.  Decorate the scallions and marinated cherry tomatoes wherever you want to present them.  Serve!

I did all this in 1 hour.

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