Sunday, December 4, 2011


Every year, a large area of Union Square on 14th Street transposes into a festive Christmas market.  There are many little kiosks under the red and white striped chain of tents that sell many specialized goods from small vendors.  You will find a variety of things from neckties, jewelry, sweaters, arts and craft, and even food.  Yes, food!  As a foodie, I will cover the stores that specialize in foods that I tasted and saw at Union Square.

Imagine the picture above long enough to form a semi-half a circle in 4 rows of stores.
You are viewing only a quarter portion of the semi-half circle formation.

Robicelli's on the left, is one of the participants of the Christmas Market in Union Square.  They do distribute their cupcakes in other select stores.  Their cupcakes are delicious and moist because they are not made in mass production but by hand.  The cupcakes I bought this time was their creme bruleer and the chocolate cupcake with merlot.  Both were very moist and delicious.  Highly recommended! The creme brulee had caramelized crunch sugar on top of the frosting.

There are cookies for sale.

Still my favorite:  Wafels & Dinges is here again!
Below:  I ordered the liege wafel.  Liege wafel has caramelized sugar at the edges
and you can choose your topping.  I chose the dark rich chocolate.  Mmmmm!

Above:  The various waffles they have

This tea place was here last year too.  They used to have a shop at the Limelight building on 20th Street and Sixth Avenue.
  They carry reasonably priced glass tea pots and tea cups and of course various teas including the kind that blooms like a flower in your teapot.  This is best served in one of the see-through glass tea pots they sell.

They make awesome cookies.  I like the one they call garbage cookies.

Above:  Samples of the meatballs they prepare at Mighty Balls

PRETZEL shop!  A variety of choice.

Even coffee shops!

The Yoyo Dog sells dog cookies! I have to include dog food in this blog.  It's food!

Dogie treats from Yoyo Dog
Some of the vendors, both food and goods are also found at Bryant Park Christmas Holiday Market.  Most of the food vendors are not at Bryant Park nor at Central Park corner 59th Street.

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