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Tertulia is a Spanish Taverna by Seamus Mullen formerly from Boqueria (another Tapas place located in Chelsea area).  Tapas in Spain are served in little plates meant to be shared.  I enjoy eating Tapas because you get to try various dishes prepared by the restaurant.  They are like appetizers that keep on coming.

The atmosphere is casual and the food is very well orchestrated using fresh and good ingredients.  It is easy to get to because there are many subway lines that stop around the block including buses.  Centrally located within Greenwich Village and where West Village begins.

They are open for lunch, dinner and best of all weekend brunch which is my favorite as they serve churros y chocolate.  Their churros are like the ones I grew up with, thin as my finger and dipped in rich dark thick chocolate drink.  If it got any thicker, it would be called a dip, but it's still a chocolate drink in a cup.
My favorite churros with chocolate - only served on weekends!

The restaurant photo taken from the Bar area.

Behind the seats is the open kitchen where you can see the Chefs prepare the dishes.

We loved the shisito peppers sauteed and salted.  Some of them are a little spicy; but in general they were not.  It's a good source of vitamins and a vegetable to order on the side to be shared.

This egg appetizer was one of the tapas we ordered which we divided to share

LEFT:  This was the Serrano ham with citrus

Deviled eggs with smoked fish dusted with smoked pimenton

Not to be missed:  Paella (Asturias Style) They love the crusty rice that you have to scrape off the pan.  The green things you see are shaved asparagus.  The rice contain some mushrooms with grilled chicken on top.
Served with grilled lemon for easy squeezing and flavor

Above is the sauce and lemons that accompany the Paella dish

359 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY

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