Thursday, April 11, 2013


My two friends have lived in Spain and I have visited Spain before.  When this restaurant announced that they were opening one in New York outside of Spain, we decided we really had to try it. This restaurant is owned by Dani Garcia

Tonight, we decided to try dishes that were notable because we've read it in articles about the restaurant.

Above, we chose the croquettes with cuttle fish and squid ink.  This is fabulous!
It's like a seafood truffle.  Outside is crisp like a fallafel and inside is creamy squid ink with cuttlefish.  The flavor is not fishy at all and you wouldn't even know you are eating squid.

On the left is the Oxtail brioche.  The presentation is a work of art.  The Oxtail is like pulled pork - it seems that they've stewed the meat and served it sandwiched between this light "brioche" bread. Oxtail Brioche steamed brioche buns, pulled oxtail, mushroom, kale

Photo on the right is the dish called Black Rice. Black Rice bomba rice, squid ink, shrimp cuttlefish ribbons, citrus aioli. I highly recommend this dish too.

Bacalao dish with mussels. 

Suckling Pig slow cooked fossil farms suckling pig, crispy skin, butternut squash puree, sauteed escarole. (that is the description)
Except, the skin on top was not the skin I was expecting.  I know suckling pig and grew up eating it with skin. I've had better suckling pig or pork belly with crispier skin.  I was disappointed with this dish because I was hoping to have real crispy skin.

For dessert, we ordered Marbellas Full Moon. The moon is supposed to be the white circle sitting on top of chocolate with toasted hazelnuts and some thin pieces of chocolate.  The moon has orange in the center with white chocolate wrapped and held by a thin "skin" of white thin edible cover.  You must try this - not only is it a work of art, it is delicious.
Above is the rice pudding.  There are tiny chocolate-like pieces that resemble chocolate rice crispies (Rice Krispies - the cereal).  The white cloud on top with red sprinkles is like cotton candy
At the end of the day, we had a great experience at this restaurant saved by the dessert.  And when I got back home to recollect what we ate, the more I admired Dani Garcia's restaurant.  I plan to come back!
345 Park Ave S  New York, NY 10010
(212) 255-4086

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