Saturday, September 6, 2014


In my recent trip to London, I visited the famous Borough Market. I also learned that most of the stores are open beginning Wednesday through Saturday being more busy and more items on Saturdays - just like any markets I know of.

I stopped at the Brindisa stall which sold various Spanish foods.
I approached the table where they were slicing the Jamon Iberico.  They explained the difference between the Iberico hams and the Serrano which they all sold.
After trying some samples I decided to get a little bit for me to take home. It sure makes a good snack without having to go to a wine bar.  The jamon Iberico Bellota is tender and finer in texture than other Inerico hams I have tried.

He explained that they salt the pork and sit for 10 days. They then wash it and let it cure by itself in a special room for pinto 4 years. The process and the feed contribute to it's texture and flavor.

So if you read the board, it explains the differences with Spanish hams.
  1. Brindisa Shop at Borough Market
  2. Food Store
  3. The Floral Hall, Borough Market, Stoney St, London SE1 9AF, United Kingdom

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