Friday, September 5, 2014


I had to have one if my meals in this week's vacation at a Michelin starred restaurant.  Because of proximity to my hotel, I chose The Square by Chef Philip Howard.  He had just come out with a book in 2012.
Sample of the day's menu when I went.

They recommended I try one of their signature dishes so I did:
Lasagne of Dorset Crab with a cappuccino of shellfish and champagne foam:
This was excellent! The concentrated lobster cream sauce foamed with super thin green parsley lasagna dough at the bottom and on top of the crab meat.

My main course:
Breast of New Season's Yorkshire Grouse (from France) with a croustillant of the leg, summer turnips, elderberries and smoked bacon. 

And for dessert, I chose the plum soufflé which was perfectly done served with a spooned homemade spiced gelato.
Above, the ice cream melts into the hot soufflé like it's sauce.
Above was my amuse bouche:
Tartlette with custard and crumbled onions and crumbs. On the right is Bonito cracker with seaweed with curd cream ( like a fine thin kropek - but homemade - so he calls it cracker - with toasted sesame seed).

It is open at lunch time although sometimes when you google it, it inky shows evening hours. So make sure you check!

Excellent Chef, perfectly executed, nice ambience, great service, edgier nouvelle versions of French cuisine.

I had the honor to meet the Chef briefly for a quick photo.

At #17 Bruton Street is where the Queen was born!

  1. 6-10 Bruton St, London W1J 6PU, United Kingdom

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