Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Alsace Strasbourg Market

Yes! We have a little piece of Strasbourg Christmas Market in Manhattan.  They brought in around 14 wooden chalets with crafts and cookies and sweets which are original delicacies from Alsace.  This wonderful piece of tradition from Alsace landed right at Bowling Green Fountain area.  Conveniently located at the green subway lines of 4 and 5 and not far from the number 1 train as well.

It will be here till December 22.  Their goodies are running out fast.  When they first opened, I saw a house shaped cookie container.  When I went back 2’days later, they were out of it!!

Friday was their opening night which began with a chorus of children singing songs at this square.

 Tarte Flambé

 Handmade Christmas ball decorations were sold too

 He was testing the home made oven to bake the tarte flambé made with fromage Blanc, lardon and onions on super thin crust.  It was like a French pizza.

 As he experimented with their newly made wood burning oven for this event, he tried to make a few Tarte flambé and gave it to us bystanders to try.  Licknday!

 The Santa Claus has his own chalet where children and adults could have photographs with him.
 Old St Nick - traditionally dressed up for the occasion!

 This is unique to Alsace.  It is like a cookie or soft biscotti with oranges, spices, and when sliced goes well with foie gras. You need not serve with a separate fruit and baguette.

 If you buy mulled wine which they sell, you can keep the cup.
 Beautifully decorated Gingerbread cookies!

The Alysse singing group or choir.  Festive indeed - and a treat for us!

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