Friday, December 20, 2019


To me, each Christmas season not only gives me the spiritual aspects but creativity as well.

I love this festive season because of the lights, the food, the people, and a chance to challenge my decorating skills.

The latest I made this year is my dining table centerpiece for Christmas.  I used my antique glass pastry plate, some red ribbon, Brush Christmas tree ornaments and the Nativity crèche I bought from Jerusalem.  It becomes even more symbolic putting the crèche in the center of the table.

I also happened to have a pair of my old candles from the Norwegian Christmas market and my old table runner I got from HongKong a while back.

For the hallway, I used a garland I found in a Scandinavian House Christmas sale, and glass ornaments from other stores I do not remember and white acorns to depict icy cold winters by the entrance hallway.  Below, I also found a garland of pearls to depict snow on top of a garland if greens and laurel leaves. 
 I used the snowman to hover over the #waterford crèche laid on top of the mirror with the 3 Kings  that followed the star that led them to baby Jesus.  All the warmth of wood in a darker entrance gives light using a lot of glass and mirrors to set the happy spirit of Christmas.

When I decorate for Christmas, I have reasons for what and why I position objects.  It’s beginning to look more like Christmas!

Have a Merry Holiday to all!

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