Thursday, April 14, 2011

MANGOES - Ripe and Not so Ripe or Preferrably Not Ripe at All

Mango is a tropical fruit with about a hundred varieties.  The most popular mangoes we see in the United States are Indian and mangoes from Mexico.  Indian mangoes are mostly deep green green in color with some reddish-purple hue and a little bit more round in shape.  In Florida, they grow a large size green mango about twice the size of a regular mango.  But my favorite mango is the Manila Mango which comes from Mexico but whose seed was imported from the Philippines which is why they call it Manila mango.  The Manila mango has the smoothest flesh texture unlike the other mangoes which could be a bit fibrous.  There are similar yellow mangoes from Mexico called Champagne mangoes that resemble the Manila mango except they are a little larger. Champagne and Manila mangoes are both deep yellow in color with almost a hue toward the color of a very ripe peach.

In Mexico they serve them on a stick peeled and cut up like a flower.  Sometimes they offer you with some chili and lime.

A new study says that mangoes are rich in anti-oxidants.  It has been found to protect against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers. Several trial studies suggest that poly phenolic anti-oxidant compounds in mango are known to offer protection against breast and colon cancers.

This fruit is rich in Vitamin-A and flavonoids like beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin. 100 g of fresh fruit provides 765 mg or 25% of recommended daily levels of vitamin A.

It is rich in potassium, a source of vitamin-B6, vitamin-C, vitamin-E, and copper.  It's no wonder mangoes are served as salads in other countries.


Above is a demonstration on how to cut a mango to be served as a fruit for dessert or for decoration.

You can use very green unripe mango for this salad.
MANGO SALAD RECIPE:1 mango (not ripe - preferably still green)
1/2 medium size onion minced
1/2 large tomato minced
1/4 cup of minced cilantro

Can be seasoned either with fish sauce if used for seafood as salad
Can be seasoned with vinegar and salt if used for grilled meats
Optional: minced hot chillies

The salad above was made with firm but almost ripe mango

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