Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN - the new Pop Up Restaurant in SoHo

What Happens When is a temporary restaurant installation that transforms every 30 days for 9 months, offering guests an ever-changing culinary, visual and sound experience. Located in SoHo till October of this year only. (I wish it would be permanent)

I enjoyed this restaurant because the concept was different, the ambience and new idea of decorating was very "in" and new.  So refreshing to experience dining beyond food. And the fact that the menu changes. An idea I've had 20 years ago when I was tempted to open a restaurant myself.  And if I did, this would have been it!!!

Last night we enjoyed our dinner Called Movement 3.

Movement No.3

Drawing inspiration from this renown Impressionistic painting, Movement 3 is about taking a trip together into the 1880′s France via 2011 New York. The interiors draw a few significant elements from the Renoir painting to re-create an intimate, communal experience reminiscent of 19th century time and place. Note the 25’ awning, the “garden party” string lighting and interpretations of still life paintings in 3 dimensions around the room.

You would think you were outdoors because they set up the inside like a tent.

Under the table on each side is a drawer where you can pull up more knives and forks as you need them.

The floors were painted dark brown and white drawing for the table and chair set up was a decorating idea I've never seen before.  Truly innovative.

The table setting was crisp, clean white with slightly tinted glasses set and very small flowers on shot glasses.

 On the left was the menu for Movement 3. It is a reasonably priced prix-fixed menu for what the restaurant has to offer.  It also comes with amuse bouche (not in the menu).

On the right was the amuse bouche comprised from left to right, of:   Lemon Bomb, Swiss Chard omelette with Greek yogurt and garlic gazpacho (which was divine! I wish it was a bowl of it) 
My first course was rabbit in Filo with medallions of rabbit on the side, with yogurt, dates and fresh garbanzo beans.  And the red streaks were harrisa paste.
(From Tunisia, this fiery-hot sauce is usually made with hot chiles, garlic, cumin, coriander, caraway and olive oil. It's the traditional accompaniment for COUSCOUS but is also used to flavor soups, stews and other dishes. Harissa can be found in cans and jars in Middle Eastern markets.)

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Left:  Another appetizer was the shellfish salad with fennel, olives, and anchovy vinaigrette.
On the right was the Artichoke Salad with haricots verts, aioli, and saucison sec (thinly sliced dried sausage)

The first course could be this wonderful light seafood of striped bass, scallops and vegetables Provencal.

The Poulet dish was a juicy piece of chicken with rosemary served with petite vegetables (the mini zucchini was stuffed) farcis, and pommes duchesse (special way of making mashed potato, squeezed through a decorating tip and browned)

The vegetable bouillabaisse was served with aioli.

Pictured below is the Veal Braise.  Served on top of peas and bacon panisses, and herbes de Provence.

The dessert menu above is this month's choice.  You can view the desserts in the cart.

I'm probably the only one who will cover this part of the restaurant.  Only because it was thematic and jovial.

What Happens When
25 Cleveland Place, NY NY
Tuesday - Sunday, 5:30pm - 11pm

Reserve now at Urban Spoon
What Happens When

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