Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Above are the ingredients I used.
Tapa in the Philippines is a piece of steak meat that they usually treat or enhance to give taste or preserve.  In Mexico, they have a similar dish called Cecina which they add condiments too and air dry before frying.  My version uses basic ingredients for everyday food and indoor cooking.  This type of steak is called Tapa in the Philippines.  It is basically steak as for steak and eggs for breakfast, or main course for lunch or dinner.
1 lb of skirt steak or flank steak
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup soy sauce
1TB of butter
2TB of canola oil or safflower oil for frying

First you have to slice the steak into thin slices in order for the meat to absorb the marinade.

The video below demonstrates the technique on how to slice your beef steak thin.

MARINADE: Combine the soy sauce and the brown sugar.

After slicing the meat, marinate it for an hour or 2 (up to overnight if you want).

After an hour or two, you can fry them in a mixture of oil and butter.  The mixture of the oil and butter prevents the butter from burning.

                                                  Best served with some salad on the side.
The Tapa is cooked
The steak (tapa) is served with mango salad on the side which compliments the dish.  It is best served with either steamed or garlic fried rice which we'll discuss and demonstrate in the future.

Note:  I like eating this with some hot sauce on the side.

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Greg said...

This is one of my favorite dishes ever.