Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Yesterday, I went to do my weekly grocery shopping.

As usual, I was at Whole Foods Market at Houston Street, NYC.  I've always ignored to try their array of ready made desserts; but not yesterday.  The bread pudding looked like it was made of good bread.  As I perused the ready-made dessert area; I saw creme brulee.  I also saw some apple shortcake.

An idea came to my head to buy a little bit of each and combine them to make a new dessert.  Here's a quick idea for you to try.  I classify this as comfort food.

Photo above shows I layered the pudding below, a little of the apple compote from the apple short-cake dessert, and topped it with creme brulee and its burnt crisp caramel.

Another variation of the dessert was adding fresh strawberries on top.  It's an easy after dinner dessert and was delicious!  So easy, that I'm looking forward to have some company to serve this.  My family liked it too.

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