Sunday, September 11, 2011


For today, I decided to  make something light and very easy as our vegetable side.

From Japanese groceries and gourmet super markets like Whole Foods, one can find shishito peppers.  This time, I bought my shishito peppers and padron peppers from our weekly Green Market in our neighborhood.

Shishito peppers are longer and somewhat ribbed compared to padron peppers which are shorter and rounder.  Most of the shishito peppers are not hot; whereas padron peppers could vary from not hot to somewhat hot.  I like combining both to give some zing to our quick and easy recipe.

1 lb shishito peppers, padron or mixture of both
4 TB olive oil
Sea salt

Simply heat up pan, pour the olive oil in medium high heat.  Drop the washed peppers and saute for 3-5 minutes till they start blistering - waiting a few seconds for each stir making sure that the peppers get some blisters.  When mostly blistered but still nice and green like the photo above.  Remove from heat and add about 2 tsp of sea salt, mix in well and serve immediately.

For more information on the benefits of eating peppers, follow the link:

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