Friday, September 9, 2011

COOL HAUS - Food Truck New York City

This evening, as I stepped out of Bergdorf Goodman, I saw a food truck parked that looked interesting.  You see, I now know how to spot a cool food truck from a regular food truck.

Lucky me, tonight there was no line except for one person. And here's what they had:


I read the above and made up my mind to order their infamous Brown Butter Candied Bacon ice cream on freshly baked Chocolate Chip cookies with their edible wrapper.

Doesn't that look scrumptious?  I've only had a meatball slider and it was past 8:30PM.  I thought I'd have dessert first after my appetizer of meatball slider.
The paper around it is edible.  It's made of wafer usually found in Italian nougat candies.
They were very nice.  After I took a small bite of the edible paper, it dropped down the ground.  They gave me another.
That's nice of them.
On the left is their board of flavors to choose from.  You can order your ice cream either in a cup or between chewy tasty double chocolate chip cookies.  I highly recommend it.

They don't stay in the same spot everyday.  They recommend you join them on Twitter to follow where they are so you can have your ice cream treat.  Sometimes, they are on 15th Street by Union Square as well.

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yolanda said...

What a perfect dessert to end a long day...tasty, cool, and refreshing.