Wednesday, September 14, 2011

je & jo ice cream

New York City is coming up with more and more new ice cream stores made locally.  They're sprouting up like cupcake stores.

Here's the latest find.  This one's located in Hell's Kitchen nearby my favorite bread store Sullivan Bread on 47th Street between 10th and 11th Avenue.

I noticed the sign sticking out of the tiny store.  They're open till 9:30 PM so I first went to pick up my loaves of bread. (That's another topic to cover)

je & jo is a hand-made ice cream layered with all natural cookie dough made from scratch.  The dairy they use is organic - cows that graze above the Hudson Valley.  Even the containers are made of an environmentally friendly compostable sugar-cane base.  Their spoons are wood with their name on it.
Their sign sticking out the sidewalk is catchy.  It feels like homemade and local.
They have a board on the wall where the description of the ice cream is stated.   The cookies in between the ice cream in the cup are homemade.  The cookies vary from ginger molasses cookie dough to chocolate chip cookie dough to Pecan Sandie cookie dough and more.
I liked what I had which was the Honey Grapefruit with a touch of honey ice cream to pair with Pecan Sandie cookie dough.
Above is their ice cream cup cut in half to demonstrate how they present their ice cream with the cookie dough.
The above photo is the entire store.
Note:  Their ice cream is a new innovation.  The homemade cookies are between the ice cream like a surprise.  And their ice cream is not scooped.  It only comes in "compostable" containers to go.

And while you're there, you might as well drop by Sullivan Bread.  My favorite bread store just west of it with a bench and some plants infront of it on the same side of the street.
je & jo ice cream
515 West 47th Street
New York City
Open 7 days a week

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