Sunday, September 29, 2013


Yes, it's Taste of France in NYC once again.  It's Sunday and in its 2nd day and I finally made it.  It seems a bit more organized than last year.  This is a much better venue.

They have several booths that deal beyond food but I am here for the food.
The lines are decent.  Price for food vary between 9 Marianne's or $9.
Above my turbot over artichokes is being dished out:
And is served with lobster sauce - with actual pieces of lobsters.  Really light and not overdone.
 Above is the Steak Au Poivre.  That's the green peppercorn sauce the French usually have when they do their steak.  This meat is tender and juicy.  It's served with potatoes - first mashed then shaped and deep fried or oven roasted.
She demonstrated an apple tart that had a lightly crisped top of layers of thin dough sprinkled with sugar.  The layer of apples had a little Armagnac.
This was free from the baking demonstration.
With mini shows and cooking demonstrations, Taste of France won't be complete without the Theee Musketeers! 

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