Saturday, September 7, 2013

What a deal on OYSTERS!

From 5-7PM all oysters in the menu are $1 each, Monday through Friday only.  Compare it with their regular price!
Below is what I chose pictured above:
What a deal! 

We decided to have fish as our main course.  I ordered the grilled scallops with puréed corn, baby eggplant and fresh sorrel.  I highly recommend it than my friend's order of halibut with curried garbanzo beans. (She wasn't a fan of it either)

Above is my grilled scallops
Above was my friend's halibut.
Not to be missed, pictured above was my puréed cauliflower soup with grilled cauliflower and fried oysters!  Delicious!

I am very happy to count this restaurant as one of my go-to places that I highly recommend - it's in my neighborhood. 

The photo above is the second floor balcony where we sat.  A little bit noisy but you'll get  used to it.  Anyway, with the place buzzing by 8:30, consider the noisy street as waterfall noise backdrop.  You learn to tune out the noise and enjoy the beautiful weather outside.

945 2nd Avenue, New York, Ny

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