Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Once Alfredo of Rome at Rockefeller Center, this restaurant has come back celebrating it's 100th anniversary in Rome at it's new location at #7 E 54th Street with a new name Alfredo100.

It is now officially opened and one can now book for reservations.  It will me open for lunch and dinner.

The place has a small private room in the back to celebrate or hold your important business lunch functions for those  important occasions to discuss things privately over lunch.

They have kept the traditional Alfredo Fetuccine in their menu that has become famously synonymous to their legendary name.  You can taste the Parmesan cheese which makes it one of my favorite dishes.  To me, it's like the Italian answer to a rich macaroni and cheese.  We chose to get a plate of this for our table and divided it into 4 to enjoy.  This dish is mixed at our table and served with golden utensils - 
Instead of a silver spoon. Very special.
As an appetizer, we had prosciutto served over watermelon and orange slices with endive above.
Another appetizer option is half a quail served on a bed of sautéed chard.
Above is clams vongole in white sauce.
My Chilean sea bass was served on sautéed greens. It was cooked perfectly. They actually ask you how you want your fish prepared - well done, medium or rare - just like you would be asked if you ordered steak.
For dessert I chose the layers of crisp cookie-like wafers with lemon custard sauce and fruits on top and in between.
The apple tart above has 2 crisp apple slices on top.  They look like the restaurant's sign out front.  Am not sure if that was it's intention.
Above is the cut up version of the Tiramisu that was served so you can see the layer of chocolate pastry in between the cream.

There is a bar lounge in front where you can meet for drinks after work or shopping or even before or after theater. Certainly a good addition to the neighborhood to dine in right in Midtown Manhattan!

7 E 54th St., NYC, NY 10022

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