Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Good Value!
The Cherry Blossoms drew me to visit Washington DC. As a foodie, I had to search for a good restaurant experience without exorbitant cost since we were traveling with other people who may not want to foot a bill more than they are willing to.  So this was a little bit more of a tougher job for me to orchestrate as I normally don't want to spend money myself on mediocre fattening, Transfat-laden food.

Le Chaumiere delivered!

Arriving earlier than our 6PM reservation.
The lamb was delicious!
And best of all, the Grand Marniere soufflé was perfect!

I did feel I was in France. Thank you for putting us in the cozy private-like room by the entrance.  This is a restaurant I will certainly go back to - and order the soufflĂ© again and try other dishes.

We were a happy table!

#Le Chaumiere

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