Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#Momofuku Saam Bar for Lunch

Today I ordered their staple pork bun. They're as moist as ever charging a little more than they have when they first opened.
To balance my diet, I irdered their broccoli salad with crisp pork "crumbs" - quite tasty and a big nice portion.
Because I have not tried their crispy duck wings; I ordered them.  A bit disappointing.  They are not crispy. They are moist though, deep fried and smothered with a sauce similar to the Thai sweet sauce for fish.  Drizzled on top are chopped peanuts.

Overall, I could have stopped at the first two items for a quick lunch bite and saved further both in calories and $$.

But as a Foodie, I couldn't forgo the opportunity to try something "different" - although it really wasn't. Sometimes the staple you've known of past to be good remains the best.  "Why fix when it ain't broke."

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