Thursday, April 10, 2014


I was really going to eat at my other favorite Vietnamese restaurant when I came upon the newly renovated Pasteur:
So, I walked in this full restaurant and I got served quick!

What I like about this quick lunch place is I get a real meal for the price of a sandwich or a gourmet burger. Best part of all is that the dish is usually accompanied with a good amount of vegetables.

I first tried an order under the BUN category and chose the grilled shrimp:
This was a decent low calorie meal but I found it a bit much on the noodle side.  The shrimp was delicious though.  You're supposed to pour that little sweet and sour sauce in to mix with noodles. It makes the noodles taste good.

I decided to order more shrimp which I know I won't be able to finish; but which has more vegetables. And whatever I did not  finish was wrapped to go.
Above is the lightly battered fried shrimp with a sweet delicate flavor.  I couldn't stop eating but had to go because I was running late. 

I took it home and ate the veggies with my dinner. 

I intend to go back to order their quail which I couldn't order because I was in a hurry.  They also make great Vietnamese style pork chops!

85 Baxter Street, NYC, NY

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