Friday, January 23, 2015


My favorite chocolate store! And they now even carry 100% extreme chocolate bar!
As they say chocolate is healthy.  So if you want to lessen your sugar intake, instead of those diet sugar, this is the best way to have a healthy chocolate. I think this is the first time I have seen a chocolate bar with 100% on it.

They Also have hot chocolate. I ordered the dark chocolate:
It can be served with a bit of whipped cream on the side. This is not too sweet.
When available, they do sell hot chocolate mix. Just follow the instructions and you can have your own hot chocolate at home with a warm croissant from your favorite source.  In my case, I have been eating this little chocolate pellets to satisfy my chocolate cravings in tiny portions.  They're so good as is.

The remarkable quality of their ingredients and gifted craftsmanship is what makes their chocolates truly shine.

And of course, they do carry all kinds if too quality gourmet chocolate.  I love them all!


  • Sunday: Noon–6PM
  • Monday–Friday: 9:30AM–7PM
  • Saturday: 10AM–7PM

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