Friday, January 30, 2015

BOROUGH MARKET, London, England

My kind of trip besides site seeing and going to museums and historical artifacts is eating the food of the country I am visiting.

Eating the food in another country is experiencing the lives of the people who live there.  Besides the restaurants I went to and strategically made reservations in advance to make sure I get in, I purposely went to Borough Market.

On my first day to Borough Market was in a Sunday whereby I found out that they were closed when I got there.   Fortunately, there are a couple of kiosks or little restaurants in the area that were open.  I tried a sandwich place that sold sausages. The sausage was made with wine.  This store is located near the entrance by the church if you are crossing the bridge to get to Borough Market.

Above was my sandwich whereby you could put some dressings to top it. I got it from The Guildable Manor

Then, I stumbled upon a fish and chips place.  I asked if they had a smaller portion of fish and chips to try.  They did and I was in luck!  So, i ate at FISH! Menu below:

Crunchy battered fish served with French fries and mushy peas.

On my way back home, I stopped by this wonderful chocolate and restaurant place in the area outside Borough Market at Rabot 1745.

One of the chocolates I bought from Rabot 1745 was 75% dark chocolate. They also carried chocolate hand and body lotion. No, I did not eat arbette restaurant - but wish I did.

Because it was a Sunday, the market was closed.  But I returned during the week on a Wednesday and had a fabulous time. Below are some of the highlights  of the food I found outstanding!

He makes these fresh coconut custard that's so light.  I actually ate it first before proceeding.  The dessert is called Khanom Krok.

I had to try the large oysters from this seafood stall next.

'Wanted to show you how large this oyster is. I love oysters! So when I stumbled upon another oyster place called Harry Howard's Oyster, I had to have more!

And this place has a good deal for oysters! Read the blackboard. And you can guess it, I had to try it because he offered 2 kinds of sauces for the oysters.  

'Had to buy this cheese! After all, it was served at the Royal Wedding.

Below, I had to buy Jamon Iberico de Bellota. Heavenly at Brindisa that specialized in Soanish foods.

Stop by the truffle place! They sell or sorts of things including Parmesan cheese with truffles and below is Truffle pate.
Various sausages too. And here's what I bought to try. Sausages from below.

Last but not least, I had to try these cream-filled doughnuts.  Delightful!
I had a great few hours before I had to leave to go have High Tea at The Goring!

This was my experience at Borough Market on my visit to London last early Fall.  

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