Monday, January 12, 2015

SAKE BAR HAGI -Authentic Japanese

This place opens only in the evening but closes past midnight! I have not been here when it's never packed. In fact, at peak hours, there could be a line.

I guess good food, service and price will always succeed - if you are in the restaurant business.

I come here for good food.  It's basic and the atmosphere is basic.  It is located right in midtown Manhattan by the Theater district.  Fortunately, it is not on street level; otherwise their price would be higher.  I like it that it's not easy to see but if you know it; you'd eat here.

I heard that some chefs actually come here to eat after work.  I guess because they serve tapas size food and have a variety of sake to serve.
I sat at the bar area tonight. No one actually ordered the sake but beer or green tea.

Tonight, I went for the specials on the board.
This is the baby sardine in "jako" salad.  It is served on a heap of julienned radish, some lettuce and fried seaweed or nori. The dressing is under the salad made like a Japanese vinaigrette.
Above is the soft shell shrimp served with ponzu sauce.
And of course I couldn't help but order from their regular menu, barra.  It's sliced pork belly skewered in stick and grilled.  Another irresistible item was the shishito peppers.

I was happy to have the best meal for 2015 without breaking the bank.

152 West 49th Street, New York, NY 10019
Open 5:30PM-3:30AM 7-days a week!

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